Breakthrough bleeding after birth control stop

Sometimes you may have a question like this: How longs does breakthrough bleeding last after stop taking birth control?

Breakthrough bleeding will appear when you are taking some active hormones pills.There will be no bleeding if stopped taking.

The bleeding will prolong more time than normal if you continue taking birth control or stop your pack on the half way. Additionally your body cycle system also need a period to resume to normal,as your hormonal cycle has been messed.Actually if you  stop birth control by the end of pack, break-bleeding should not keep long time, it should go as normal as your period.

If you want to give a birth, you must wait at least two to three natural cycles in order to have a normal and irregular cycles. It’s not a problem to be pregnant if you are fertile before taking birth control.

It’s impossible to judge specific time because different woman has different hormone matches for birth control pills. According to personal experiences from reading, most women require normal period plus one month pills to adjust body. It have also some resources showing that 3 months is necessary by taking certain pills.