Can I Use Cortaid on Hemorrhoids?

Hemorrhoids are swollen and painful veins in the lower part of the anus. They can be internal or external. When you suffer from hemorrhoids, you may be looking for a quick and easy way to reduce the pain.

While there are several different products on the market specifically made to help through the pain, one question many people have is whether they can use Cortaid on their Hemorrhoids.

Cortaid is a topical hydrocortisone cream that is often used to treat things like poison ivy, and other itchy allergies. It is a form of steroid, and as such it can reduce swelling as well as reduce itching.

Because of the help it provides for itching, it would seem like it may be a great solution for hemorrhoids.

Cortaid for Use

For some cases, Cortaid is sometimes used as a hemorrhoid cream and may be a good solution. It is not recommended to use Cortaid internally, so if you have internal hemorrhoids you should consult a doctor and find out his or her recommendations. But, you are just facing a minor outbreak of external hemorrhoids, using Cortaid is a great way to reduce the swelling and itching that can make getting through the day difficult.

Next time you face the pain, itchiness and embarrassment of hemorrhoids, consider the use of Cortaid as one of the tools to help fight this problem or consider one of the many hemorrhoids home remedies (link). You will be glad for the relief, and it is nice to know that you may already have this product in your medicine cabinet in case you have a sudden outbreak.