Teasing your spouse

Interesting article in the paper this week about teasing your kids. According to the author, a man who’s written several parenting books, “It’s normal and natural to want to tease your…children. It’s just not a good idea.” I would argue the same rule holds true for your spouse. I see it too much. Husbands and […]

How to use a Chef Knife Safely

A chef’s knife is an all-purpose kitchen tool. A talented chef can use this blade to accomplish just about any task in the kitchen. Of course, he or she will prefer to have a filet knife or paring knife, if necessary and available, but it can be done with a chef’s knife. This handy tool […]

How to Make Puddings with Agar Powder

Agar – agar is a substance with gelling agent derived from a kind of seaweed. Agar – agar is used in many types of dessert in Asia instead of gelatin. Agar – agar is healthier than gelatin because it is very rich in fiber. Vegetarians can safely use this substance instead of gelatin because agar […]

How to Peel Grate and Chop Ginger

Fresh ginger root looks like an intimidating ingredient to prepare. But, you don’t need a special tool to use it. You can easily peel, grate, and chop ginger with just a couple of simple kitchen utensils. To peel ginger root without losing very much of the root, use a spoon or the dull back of […]

How to make pemmican

Pemmican may just be the perfect holiday gift to make for all the lovers of the great outdoors in your life. An ancient food with modern viability for those who love hiking, wilderness skiing, hunting and a variety of cool to cold weather outdoor activities, pemmican keeps for years with no refrigeration. This is a gift […]

How to Select and Cook Dungeness Crabs

A Dungeness crab is not your ordinary crab. In order to better understand this statement, therefore, you must give this crab a try. A great place to appreciate this delicacy is in San Francisco by the famous Fisherman’s Wharf. Dungeness crab season here, opens on November 15th, a greatly anticipated event for both locals and […]

How to Make Homemade Cheese Whiz

Your own homemade Cheese Whiz is far better than any commercial product because it will not contain additives or artificial colors and flavors. It will just taste of cheese, and be delicious to use as a dip or a spread, or even an ingredient in cooked dishes, such as Welsh rarebit. It does take time […]

How to Make the best Stuffed Bell Peppers

It can be a struggle to find the secret to making the perfect stuffed bell peppers. Well, what is the secret? The truth is, everyone holds the secret. They just don’t know it yet. It all starts with the types of meats, cheeses, seasonings, spices, or vegetables that you use. This is the most important […]