How to Thaw a Frozen Turkey Safely

Thawing a frozen turkey improperly allows bacteria to grow, which can lead to food-borne illness. The last thing you want on Thanksgiving is to make everyone in the family sick! These tips for safely thawing a turkey require planning ahead, but will help ensure that you stay safe and healthy over the holidays. 1. Don’t thaw frozen […]

How to Save Money on Produce

Produce is extremely good for you.  You want to have a variety of such foods to get the many nutrients and minerals that fight cancer and many other diseases.  The prices on produce can add up, however, especially for families with a lot of mouths to feed.  There are things you can do in order […]

How to make pickled herring

Pickled herring is an extremely popular dish in countries such as Britain, the Scandinavian countries and even – which is not so well known – in Germany. Some of the best pickled herring you can ever taste is to be found in Bavaria in Southern Germany, a long way from the nearest sea or ocean. […]