How to make spicy chicken karahi

Chicken karahi is a popular dish from the northern areas of Pakistan. Whether you visit an upscale fancy restaurant or a road side vendor, this chicken dish is widely available in a variety of tastes. It can be served with plain chapatti, garlic naan or plain boiled rice. Chicken karahi can be prepared by various […]

How to make potato chips at home

Who doesn’t love chips? It is the best comfort food, the best friend you can possibly ask for while watching a movie or your favorite sitcom. Instead of ordering chips, you can learn to make them at home. That way you can save money and eat healthier at the same time. How to make homemade […]

Diet Plans

We have a new review of a heart disease symptom website called Flu Shot Dystonia that can be accessed here: weight loss. You may like this diet plans resource because they have good reviews of other diet plans and early warning signs of a stroke websites. Even though Flu Shot Dystonia is a bit different […]