Exercise to Lose Weight

One of the most potent ways of losing weight is to combine a balanced, healthy, reduced calorie diet with a daily exercise plan. The two methods compliment each other because by the one, you can restrict the amount of energy that is being absorbed by your body and by the other, you can ensure that more energy is used up than you are taking in, to create a negative calorie balance that results in the body being forced to make up the difference from its store of fat.

The key to making this work as effectively as possible is by exercising for as long and as hard as you are able to. The best tips for weight loss (Ref: www.wvicfa.org/three-great-weight-loss-tips) will agree with this strategy. Now that doesn’t necessarily mean that you have to spend hours in the gym every day working out and pushing yourself to the physical limits of what you are capable of. Not unless you actually want to do that. What it does mean is that you should try and get as much varied forms of exercise into each day as you can manage with the time you have available and only to the limits of the level of your own fitness.

Finding the Right Balance

This means you should only exercise as much as you fitness will safely allow you to on any given day. If you have not exercised for a long tome, you really should start slowly and only do a small amount of each type of exercise. As soon as you feel yourself getting out of breath, you should stop and take a break. Overdoing things at this stage can potentially be dangerous and people have been known to have heart attacks because of the sudden increase ion physical activity that they simply were not fit enough to cope with.

After a few days of light exercise, you can gradually build up the length of time you spend doing your exercises and also gradually increase the level of resistance you encounter. If you are working with weights, for instance, you can increase the weight you are lifting by a few pounds every few days, or do more repetitions of any discipline. If you are running, then you can increase the distance a little each day, or even increase your pace a little as well. The trick is to only do what you are physically fit enough to do and then stop.

Exercising Effectively

To make your exercises as effective as possible, you should be aiming to go as far as your physical limits will allow and then stop for a rest. The best way to lose that excess weight is to avoid losing weight fast, but do it at a more measured, gradual pace. If you feel you can do some more after resting, then by all means do some more, but it is usually a good idea to do a different exercise to that which you were doing before you stopped. So if you were training with weights, then after resting it might be a good idea to do some treadmill work, jogging or running, or spend some time on an elliptical machine to get an all over workout. As before, as soon as you feel you are getting out of breath in the early days, then you should stop.

Once you have improved your fitness levels after several weeks, then you will be in a better position to push yourself harder and occasionally extend yourself past your physical limits under supervision. It will be some time before you are so physically fit that you will be able to train like an athlete, so don’t try and do more than you are capable of doing! You will still see a marked level of weight loss over time.

Losing Weight

Once you get into the full swing of exercising every day at a level that ensures you are burning far more calories in energy than you are consuming through your diet, you will lose weight more rapidly while your body tones up. This is losing weight for the long term and gaining a great looking figure into the bargain. It’s the best way to lose weight and get a body that you cam be proud of!