How Long To Wait Before Taking A Pregnancy Test

If you missed your period especially if you are using protection can be a full of anxiety.  This is why many women simply can’t wait for another day to buy a pregnancy kit and know.  It is important to know how pregnancy test kit works so that you can get a better idea of the results.  The most common tests available measures the hormone called human chorionic gonadotropin (hCG).  You can do this either testing the blood or the urine.  Most tests uses urine sample to test for this hormone.  This hormone is produced when the embryo embeds itself in the uterine wall and increases several days after.

Here’s the catch, if you want to know how long to wait before taking a pregnancy test then you need to read the labels more carefully.  Some home kits suggest to take the test a day after the missed period.  So in essence, this is roughly around 2 weeks from the time of fertilization.  You need to see if the label shows 50 IU/L or 20 IU/L.  This tells you how sensitive the kits are.  Remember the hCG? This hormone is usually measure in milliInternational Units per Liter.  Getting a 20 IU/L is getting a more sensitive test compared to the 50 IU/L kits.  So what’s the difference you may ask, some women may not produce enough hCG to be detected during several days after the missed period.  So getting a more sensitive kit will give you more accurate results.  Though home tests are up to 97% accurate, it is still best to go to your doctor and ask for a more accurate testing method.

Now coupled with other symptoms like nausea, sore breasts and other pregnancy symptoms, you can connect the dots celebrate.  But again, it is always best to consult your doctor just to make sure and put all guess work to rest.

The length of how long to wait before taking a pregnancy test can be filled with mixed emotions – especially if you are really trying hard to have a baby.  From the time of ovulation, to the time of fertilization, women may count each day just because of anticipation.

Without question, the 2 week wait can be unnerving.  Some may even buy kits as early as 4 days before their period.  Though modern kits provide higher accuracy, it is still best to wait after your first missed period to use them.