How to Save Money on Produce

Produce is extremely good for you.  You want to have a variety of such foods to get the many nutrients and minerals that fight cancer and many other diseases.  The prices on produce can add up, however, especially for families with a lot of mouths to feed.  There are things you can do in order to save money.  Consider the following techniques to help you save money on produce.

Consider farmer’s markets

A lot of times, you can get good deals at farmer’s markets.  They may charge far less than their counterparts at the big chain stores.  A lot of times, the food is of better quality, fresher and even made with better practices.  It is also nice to support a local farmer. 

Look for sales

You will find substantial sales on produce at different times of the year.  Especially when the fruit is in season, you may pay half or even less of what you would pay at other times.  Of course, most people do not want to limit themselves only to fruit that is in season but you can definitely have more of it.  You can look for the different sales.  You can even stock up and freeze certain things in order to help you save money.

Price compare at different stores

Different stores will charge different amounts for the same items.  Of course, the quality of the produce can differ as well so you will want to be aware of that so that you know you are getting good food.  You also might want to be aware of where the produce is grown because you may have a preference on that.  You can look in the different ads that come out in the newspaper to see what they are charging for different items.

Buy in volume

Sometimes (but not always) you will be able to save money by buying in a greater volume.  Some stores will give you a price discount if you buy a certain amount of pre-packaged or bundled produce.  Other produce is sold by the pound, so it wouldn’t matter if you buy more.  This will also depend on the store.

Consider discount stores

Certain stores such as warehouse clubs like Costco and other stores will charge far less for produce. They do not always so you will want to check, but you might be able to save some money.  They can be especially good if you want to buy in large quantities.  There are other discount stores that sell produce as well.  Even some dollar stores have such products.

Consider the above tips to save money on produce.