How to Save Money on Wine

You do not have to be a wine connoisseur to enjoy the fruit of the grape or to save money. Wine adds to festivities, enriches a meal and red wine, taken in moderation, can even help prevent heart disease. Wine prices can range from $1.99 for Two Buck Chuck or you can spend over $16,000 on a bottle of Henri Javer Richeboug Grand Cru. Regardless of where your tastes fall in that price range, there are several ways to save money on wine.

Seek out sales & bulk discounts

Bigger wine distributors and local grocery stores periodically offer significant sales. Chain stores, such as BevMo, advertise 5-cent sales in which the first bottle costs the normal price and the second bottle costs only 5-cents. Also, box stores, such as Costco, can offer bulk discounts that result in big savings. Another option is to find local grocery stores that offer discounts for 6 or more bottles. Since most wines gets better with age, there’s no harm in buying a little extra! If you have family or friends who are also wine aficionados, you can combine your efforts for even bigger discounts and savings.

Join a wine club

Wine clubs have long been the choice of connoisseurs. Joining a wine club can provide significant discounts without sacrificing quality. Most wine clubs offer money back guarantees on their wine, ensuring your satisfaction. You do need to be aware of shipping costs that may reduce your savings, but many wine clubs provide an excellent opportunity to try new wines and to stock up on favorites at lower prices.

Work your way down from the top shelf

Wine and other alcohol are stocked on store shelves according to price. The highest price varieties are on the top shelf and the lowest priced items are found on the bottom shelf. If you already have a favorite wine or winery, you can explore savings opportunities by trying the same product, just one shelf below your current choice. Very often, the flavor is too similar to tell the difference, unless you are a true wine aficionado, and the cost savings can be significant.

Attend wine walks & wine festivals

Community wine walks and regional wine festivals are an excellent way to discover surprisingly affordable wines. These events also provide wine drinkers with an opportunity to explore new flavors and varieties without buying bottles they might not enjoy. While small vineyards generally charge more for their limited run pressings, you can use the information gathered to help you select affordable wines that you and your family will enjoy. Wine walks and festivals also provide an enjoyable outing at an affordable price.

Make your own!

Making your own high quality wine is surprisingly simple and it costs only a fraction of store bought wine. People have been doing it for thousands of years and you can, too! While it is important that you check on local ordinances regarding home wine making, most areas allow for personal use production. There are winemaking kits or you can follow simple online instructions to make your own wine. 

By learning more about the types of wine you enjoy, joining a wine club, shopping sales, buying in bulk, or even making your own, you can pop the cork and enjoy that glass of wine without spending as much money.