How to Save Money when Cooking Spanish Dishes

Cooking Spanish dishes on a low budget is easy. There are a number of great recipes for delicious meals that anyone can cook and also save money at the same time. A lot of the ingredients you probably already have in your kitchen and you can use many of them for multiple dishes without running out to the store for specific items. Whether you are a college student with not much cash or you have a big family and you’re looking to cook some exciting meals for an affordable price, these Spanish dishes will work for you. Not only do these dishes cost less, but they are also fast to prepare and require only basic ingredients, basic cooking supplies and minimal cooking skills. The key to many low cost meals is that they involve very few ingredients, but you still end up with a tasty and filling meal.

Arroz Cubano

This rice dish that is Cuban in origin can incorporate an array of different ingredients depending upon your taste. For a very simple version of Arroz Cubano all of the ingredients you need are rice, tomato sauce, water, eggs and a bit of olive oil. These are all likely things you have on hand. To increase the Spanish flavor of the dish you can get a can of sofrito, which is a Spanish tomato sauce that also contains garlic, onions and green pepper. It is inexpensive and can be found in your local grocery store. Cook the rice and then simmer all of the other ingredients together in a sauce pan for a quick, cheap and tasty meal. Try out other spices or fresh onions to your taste.

Macaroni en Salsa de Tomate con Chorizo

Another affordable dish is a pasta dish. Any type of pasta you like or have on hand will work. You can easily buy a large box of pasta and have plenty leftover for other dishes. Macaroni en Salsa de Tomate con Chorizo is pasta with tomato sauce and choriza, which is a Spanish sausage. The dish is like Italian pasta, but with a zesty Spanish twist. Choriza is a bit spicier than typical sausage and if you add in a dash of paprika to your sauce, you can make the meal even more exciting. You can also of course incorporate fresh onions or peppers as well.


Not all low cost Spanish dishes are main courses. You can also easily make churros on a low budget. They are a popular and mouthwatering dessert fritter-type food. They are often described as the Spanish equivalent of donuts and can be eaten plain and warm, sprinkled with sugar, honey or other toppings that you may have around the kitchen. You likely have white flour in your kitchen and all you need to do is make a batter using flour, baking powder, water and sugar. You want the batter to be sticky and smooth and not as runny as pancake batter, for example. Fry up lines of the dough in a frying pan and you have churros.