How to Make Puddings with Agar Powder

Agar – agar is a substance with gelling agent derived from a kind of seaweed. Agar – agar is used in many types of dessert in Asia instead of gelatin. Agar – agar is healthier than gelatin because it is very rich in fiber. Vegetarians can safely use this substance instead of gelatin because agar […]

How to Sugar Cure Pork

As the holiday season approaches, frantic shopping and the preparation of holiday treats for your family and friends are a significant part of your life. You want to have enough food readily available, and in some families, it is quite common to prepare a holiday ham which is delicious and makes for handy leftovers. You […]

How to Store Champagne

Champagne is the noblest of drinks, fizzy, sparkling, effervescent, bubbly, frothy, and jolly tasty to boot. Real champagne from the, er, champagne region of France, is rightly reserved for the most auspicious celebrations: weddings, birthdays, and huge gambling wins. But with such an expensive beverage and such an exquisite, sophisticated flavour, the question of how […]

How to make potato chips at home

Who doesn’t love chips? It is the best comfort food, the best friend you can possibly ask for while watching a movie or your favorite sitcom. Instead of ordering chips, you can learn to make them at home. That way you can save money and eat healthier at the same time. How to make homemade […]

How to refresh and reheat cold coffee

The intoxicating aroma of freshly brewed coffee is irresistible to many culinary connoisseurs. It can be a fundamental tool to finish off an evening meal or to accompany a sweet dessert. For stay-at-home parents and office dwellers alike, it is often the fuel that powers the morning. Coffee loses flavor and becomes bitter as it […]

How to Store an Open Bottle of Champagne

Throughout the world, champagne, or other sparkling wine, is synonymous with celebration.  Its lively effervescence and the “goes straight to your head” quality lends a sense of joy to any celebration.  But occasionally your capacity for celebrating may be greater than your capacity.  In this case, how do you store an opened bottle of champagne? […]

Diet Plans

We have a new review of a heart disease symptom website called Flu Shot Dystonia that can be accessed here: weight loss. You may like this diet plans resource because they have good reviews of other diet plans and early warning signs of a stroke websites. Even though Flu Shot Dystonia is a bit different […]

How to make pickled herring

Pickled herring is an extremely popular dish in countries such as Britain, the Scandinavian countries and even – which is not so well known – in Germany. Some of the best pickled herring you can ever taste is to be found in Bavaria in Southern Germany, a long way from the nearest sea or ocean. […]

How to Ship Wine

I am quite delighted to write this article about how to ship wine. The reason is that I am a former Shipping manager with a larger american group of wines and liquors and it had been my duty for more than twenty years to take care of shipments with my export staff. Basically, in order […]

How to Peel Grate and Chop Ginger

Fresh ginger root looks like an intimidating ingredient to prepare. But, you don’t need a special tool to use it. You can easily peel, grate, and chop ginger with just a couple of simple kitchen utensils. To peel ginger root without losing very much of the root, use a spoon or the dull back of […]

How to Serve Wine Properly

A server who does not know how to properly and professionally present a bottle of wine at a nice restaurant is a big turn-off for the guests. They are spending their money at a nice restaurant and expect their server to be well informed of this art. With much practice, though, almost anyone can impress […]

How to make pemmican

Pemmican may just be the perfect holiday gift to make for all the lovers of the great outdoors in your life. An ancient food with modern viability for those who love hiking, wilderness skiing, hunting and a variety of cool to cold weather outdoor activities, pemmican keeps for years with no refrigeration. This is a gift […]

How to Make Homemade Wine

Making your own homemade brandy at home is easy, inexpensive, and an all natural choice when considering home distilling your own alcoholic beverages. All you need is a 5 gallon container, 4 quarts of berries or fruits, 10 pounds of sugar, 2 boxes of white raisins, 2 oranges, a block a baking yeast (found in […]

How to Select and Cook Dungeness Crabs

A Dungeness crab is not your ordinary crab. In order to better understand this statement, therefore, you must give this crab a try. A great place to appreciate this delicacy is in San Francisco by the famous Fisherman’s Wharf. Dungeness crab season here, opens on November 15th, a greatly anticipated event for both locals and […]

How to pair wine with the right glasses

Like a good relationship, compatibility between wine and the glass in which it’s served is of utmost importance. It’s a pairing that not only delights the taste buds, but also pleases the senses of smell, sight and touch. When wine is coupled with a glass possessing a complementary size and shape, it surpasses merely being […]

How to Make Homemade Cheese Whiz

Your own homemade Cheese Whiz is far better than any commercial product because it will not contain additives or artificial colors and flavors. It will just taste of cheese, and be delicious to use as a dip or a spread, or even an ingredient in cooked dishes, such as Welsh rarebit. It does take time […]